Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.
— John Cleese

I believe we are all creative beings.   The way we dress, keep our homes, cook meals for our families…live our daily lives. For me, color and words have always been my avenue of self expression. It took me until middle age to discover the delight of fusing beautiful words, lyric and quotes with color to create my own unique visual narrative.

 Most all of my work is created in a very organic and intuitive way. One brushstroke leads to a layer of collage and that will then lead to something else and so on. Painting in this way has taught me so much about letting go and trusting the process. One thing that is constant in all of my work is the beginning. Every single canvas begins with a written prayer or blessing. If I know that I’m creating something for someone in particular, the blessing and prayer are specific for them. Really, the entire painting is my prayer for them. Sometimes parts of these blessings peak through and sometimes I’m the only one who ever knows what lies below the surface.

I am blessed to have the time to create and a beautiful space that inspires me to be creative.  I hope that my joy and gratitude (always gratitude!) are evident in everything that I do. Please visit my gallery pages, 8x10 and 11x14 prints are available on all paintings. If you’re interested in a custom piece, please click on my email link and we can talk.